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Optimo Espacio

What a fun couple of weeks its been! Without consulting my homework diary Im going to have trouble remembering what weve been up to, but I know its been a good time.

Priya and I got into our hillwalking, and went over to Inchcailloch Island in Loch Lomond. It was so nice. And we got the best meal afterwards at the pub in Balmaha, steak and chips then strawberries and cream for dessert. It was very well deserved. The most notable thing, however, was our new found ability to stomach mushrooms and tomatoes. We did it! That was a first for me, I never used to manage to eat them. Looks like our taste buds are developing!

Our next walking excursion was up Ben Arthur, also known as The Cobbler. It was just short of a munro, and jesus christ, the first bit was pretty hard. It was the steepest bit and 5 mins in we were all sweating buckets. I also managed to sit on a muddy rock which left me with a big mess on my rear for the rest of the day. Once we got to the top, the view was amazing. Theres this rock that you have to climb through, and its like you are standing ontop of the world. 

Three weeks ago we went to Optimo at the Subclub. It was amazing. Some incredibly bizarre band (Chrome Hoof) were playing first, and it felt like we were in some underground club in eastern europe as featured in XXX, the film. It was the first time I had been there, despite Scott asking every week to go. The music is totally different, I cant even descripe it, but just awesome. We went again last night as my last night out (possibly) unitl exams are over once more.

Ive had my dog, Hamish, stay with me the past week. Despite only getting an average of 3 hours a sleep every night with him being here, we had fun. Walking in the morning when the rest of the city is still asleep is so peaceful. The weather has been brilliant too, although Im getting a bit fed up of the heat. Its even worse while lugging stock around at work. Which I wont be doing for the next 2 weeks as Im taking time off for my exams. Operation 'pass them well' is beginning today! 

Go on holiday to Italy in 3 weeks (where has the summer disappeared to??), back for one; think I might work Connect Festival with the gang. Then away to Portugal, and then I'll be 21, ready for working freshers week and back to uni. 

Operation 'find a boyfriend' is not going to plan. I kissed yet another workmate, but that is so last week. Oh yeah and we had our staff night out last week! Totally forgot. That was fun too! We played laserquest and went out to Campus followed by the Garage. Well after laserquest the others did bowling and dinner but I had to get back to let Hamish out. 

It has been a rather gigless summer. Im going to see Henry Rollins at the Edinburgh Festival the night before we leave for Italy, and after that I have nothing planned until Less Than Jake (Aberdeen AND Glasgow) and Rancid in november. Ages away! 

Well thats my not terribly interest update. It has been a good summer so far.



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