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Jul. 3rd, 2008

2nd July 08

Je suis sur le train. Just passed left Arbroath, a bit less than 2 hours more until we reach Glasgow.

It was a nice trip home. Was only there for less than 48hours – short and sweet as my mum said. Lisa had her boyfriend-for-summer with her, Ally. They are so cute together, all affectionate. Make a good couple. Made me think though, I would quite like a boyfriend.


But how does one meet new people?? I actually have no idea. My social context includes work, my close group of friends and thats about it. We used to always meet guys on our nights out, take them home then forget about then. That ended a while ago. The Garage (and every other club) is not the most reliable source.

In the 37mins or so remaining on my laptop battery, Im going to brainstorm ways of meeting new people and potential suitors.


1)      This is my favourite option, as it is less work for me and relies on my sister’s social networking, which is pretty on par. The plan is for her to find us men from the City once she moves down to London for her shiny new graduate job working for a PR company. Shes bound to meet plenty of eligible bachelors! I guess this is our fairy tale option, but not incredibly realistic.


2)      Join some kind of club. What are they called at uni? A society thats it. The Strathclyde list of societies is pretty dire, last time I checked. I once thought about starting a Biffy Clyro appreciation society. Will need to find out the latest list. I would also like to join one of the sports clubs – im thinking basketball or volleyball. Also may jump back into AIESEC so I can get some mentoring experience and all the rest for the old CV and next years prospective internships.


3)      Get a new job. This is something that needs to be done anyway. Im going to take a break from classrooms around the start of August, for resits, and then Im away on holiday for 2 weeks, with a week back here in between. And then uni starts not long after. I need a job thats over the weekend, or a day during the week that I don’t have uni on. Serving drunk unappreciative customers until 3am is getting old.


4)      Join some kind of club outwith uni. Something outdoorsy?


5)      Im running out of ideas.


6)      Start going to more gigs. Like local bands. Although  its pretty painful having to sit through a bands set if they suck.


7)      Check the List magazine. Priya and I were looking at one in a pub the other week, and its full of fun things to do. More social activities are needed, that don’t include firewater/spoons/garage/etc.


Hmm. This hasn’t been too successful.  


We joined a Hillwalking group! Found one on meetup.com, and our first excursion will take place on the 17th of July. We rspv'd as maybe. There is also another social outdoor group, but you need approval to join..so were putting that off lol.

Right so the list of uni clubs&societies that seem vaguely interesting;
- none


nothing nice to say, mitch clem

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