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I think I have binge drinking disorder. Is there such a thing? I mean I don’t see it as binge drinking; it’s just what we do. I mean we live in Scotland – what else is there to do? Like after a gig you could go home to your bed, or watch tv, or read a book, or study, or you know go for a run (I think I have the beginnings of an exercise addiction). Or you could go to one of Glasgow’s many pubs and continue with the topical conversation (“can we go to Sweden to visit the Kopparberg town?”) and find yourself several hours later talking about something else equally as relevant (“what’s a clavicle?” “Sounds like a calf, you know, like a baby cow”).

If however we lived in some country that has glorious weather, then you know we might play outside like we did when we were ten. Or we could just have our amazingly intelligent conversation in a beer garden. All night long. Because it would be warm.

Which is one of the many reasons why Priya and I would like to live the expat life once we escape university. Uni’s meant to be the freedom and self exploration depth, but I think that applied to the 70s and 80s and not really now. For me it’s stripped me of my passion. I used to love languages. I still do, but uni ruined it for me. It’s so irrelevant sometimes. I’m looking forward to 3rd year though, I guess that’s when you get more specialised classes.  I like the stock market, it interests me.


Where the hell am I going with this? Oh yeah, binge drinking, last night. So apparently, I did not know this, but Cute Is What We Aim For weren’t actually headlining even though the ticket said they were. Why would the ticket printer lie about something like that? I used to get annoyed when people didn’t turn up at gigs for the support bands, because you get some really awesome support bands and it must be a shame playing to a half empty (or is it half full? you decide) crowd who are all just waiting for you to get off the stage. But now that I’m old and jaded, I’ve seen enough crap support bands not to bother. If I’ve not heard of them, chances are I’ll be in the pub while they’re playing.  So we turned up at 8 or 9somethingpm and while walking up the stairs could hear CIWWAF playing. Well, it sounded like them, only not as good. I don’t know how many songs we missed but I think we saw about a half hour set. On one of the last songs, the singer from the headlining band Boys Like Girls (that right?) came and sang with them, and it sounded better with him. I’m sorry, CIWWAF.

During the break we went and sat upstairs and were amazed at how irritating the kids in the crowd were. One band member (I guess he was) walked by and these 14 year girls were all “OH MI GAWWWD ITS HIM HES RLY HAWT LIKE SRSLY LOL LOL ONE ONE” and then ran over and gang raped him. Cue my favourite joke – 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape.

Anyway so we had a pint to finish before we could leave. We heard the first song by Boys Like Girls, was alright. Moving on to Firewater.

It was busy! For a Sunday! Girls, (and boys, sexual orientation pending), there is a really hot bar man at Firewater. I don’t know if he’s new, but I haven’t seen him there before. Another reason to go to firewater, amirite? (ahhh Mitch Clem). Three pitchers of muddy waters down the line and Lindsay and Craig have still not turned up, but are on their way. We decide to go to ABC2 anyway. There’s not much I can say about that, DJ Muppet is great, but the place is lacking in something. People, maybe. Lindsay made some lame joke about how I should go stand with the boys because it seemed like every boy in there had a checked shirt on, and I did too. I don’t understand, like these guys are blatantly a group of friends – why are you all wearing the same thing? So me and Priya were pretty fucked, and she spilt her drink and then got up from where she was sitting and hit the floor At The Speed of a Yellow Bullet.

Moving on to the Garage. “I won’t get in, I’m too drunk” were Priya’s exact words. I have some belief that as long as you are with me, you are never too drunk for the garage. I have amazing sobering up powers, that and the guy who’s normally on the door knows us. Well, he knows that we work down the street at their rivals yet continue to spend our wages in there. All’s fair in drinking economies. And Lindsay fancies the blonde steward.

Out on a lung cancer break, Lindsay and I were jabbering away about probably nothing or probably everything, and some American dude comes over and asks for a light. Because I do not remember which member he was, let’s call him Clark, and he plays for CIWWAF. Or so I’m told. I don’t know, I’m not someone who can remember what band members look like.  Maybe he said one of the other bands. Anyway his tour laminate was nice and shiny and had CIWWAF across it. We stood there for so long, because Priya came storming out going wondering why we were taking so long. Maybe she thought we had died right there and then from lung cancer. It could be possible.

Back inside, CIWWAFs sound guy was hitting on a girl who was about two feet taller than him, with wide shoulders. TRANNY! Nah, she wasn’t, she was a legitimate chick. Well I don’t know, we have no proof. I don’t know what he did, but a couple minutes later (woah I had trouble spelling minute there, I’m so used to writing mins) she stormed over and total bitch slapped him. He carried on with his drinking. Good man.


Fast forward to circa 3am. Outside and hey Clark! I think I should outline a few things here.

1)      Clark is from Florida. Fort Lauderdale (yes? I don’t know, maybe we were just talking about Florida). As are Less Than Jake and Dashboard Confessional. Last time Chris (dashboard) played here it was pretty dull. Hate to say it, but I got bored.

2)      Clark likes Brand New. Well that’s a given, right? HOWEVER. A couple million bands down the line, he is unaware of Jonah Matranga and all of his projects. Jonah = pioneer.

3)      So he knows The Promise Ring, which was mostly on Jade Tree Records (I could be wrong, I don’t really care). Jonah had bands on Jade Tree. I forget that not everyone wastes their days and nights researching into what a band came from and forms links between them all. So I was pretty shocked he didn’t know Jonah.

4)      HOWEVER. He loves Jawbreaker. I love Jawbreaker. I tell someone this every day. Usually in a text to Priya or someone, saying, “Oh my fucking god, like how good are Jawbreaker??” I’ll either say Jawbreaker or Brand New. Anyway, neither of us knows many other people who have heard of Jawbreaker. He said even in the states like no one knows who they are. This has totally fucked with my mind, I used to think the states were my gateway to Leanne world, like there are all these outlets and opportunities and awesome bands over there. I think I thought that loads of people would love Jawbreaker. It seems that this is not the case.  Or maybe that’s just for Florida. Note to self: do not move to Florida.

5)      You know how there’s the Scotland v England thing. They have an America v Canada thing too. I found this out when talking about Dallas Green and Dustin Kensrue. (DKs Canadian right?) Anyway so Clark was like “meh meh meh fucking Canada”, much in the same way I grumble about ...well I don’t really grumble about anything, but whatever. Later research (i.e., talking to Rebecca) proved that most people are aware of the America v Canada thing, largely in part due to South Park. I have never watched a whole episode of South Park and I never intend to.

6)      I got really angry at myself last night. Because while discussing all the bands that Clark SHOUD KNOW BECASUE HE IS IN A BAND AND NOT KNOWING ABOUT THESE BANDS FUCKS WITH MY IDEAOLOGY THAT EVERY DUDE IN A BAND I LIKE SHOULD KNOW THESE THINGS I told him about the book that told me about a lot of these bands (combined with the comic strip Nothing Nice To Say by Mitch Clem), but I couldn’t remember what it was called. Anyway, I told him the author Andy Greenwald so maybe he’ll remember and check it out. The book is Nothing Feels Good, by the way. Maybe I should email him all this information. I feel like it’s my duty to share with a fellow Jawbreaker fan.


I think that’s all I have to say about my discussion with Clark. He loves Hawaiian pizza – “Is that a Hawaiian pizza? That’s my fucking favourite man!” Why anyone likes cooked pineapple is beyond my capabilities of understanding. And I am a pretty understanding person. But fruit should not be cooked. I don’t even think pineapple is intended to be eaten. If you think about it, it’s a fucking huge spiky thing, which without the aid of sharp objects, is pretty hard to take the skin off and eat. So, when we were all Neanderthals (some would argue that many of us still are), I don’t believe we ate pineapples. There were no pineapple de-corers or whatever else one uses to eat the thing.


Quite often, and more frequently as of late, I like to believe I have the right to break into places while drunk. There’s this house up the road from me, that’s concealed from the street, that I love. Last night I noticed there was a sign on the gate saying beware of dog. I have never seen a dog there in the whole time I’ve lived here. Two years.  Anyway so I proceeded to climb over the gate, then I realised it opened just as easy. Priya didn’t think this was too good an idea, and we must have been pretty loud, because I was halfway down the drive and all of a sudden I hear “you’re not invisible you know”. I screamed, ran, and shouted back “I’m sorry I just love your house”. I actually do. I cannot walk past it without craning my neck to look at it.


So that is my tale of last night. I don’t know how long it took for me to type this, but I got through 16 Black Flag songs (so that’s, a whole 25mins), 5 Placebo songs, and 6 songs from a playlist and now we have The Promise Ring playing. And we are on almost 2000 words.


I think I’m done. Cup of tea, please.  At The Speed of a Yellow Bullet was a Head Automatica reference, fyi.

If you are wasting your time reading this, you might as well check out the following too;

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Jun. 2nd, 2008 08:34 pm (UTC)
Classic journal. Actually love it. Loving the whole intellectual, philisophical thought process. Esp. this: 'Uni’s meant to be the freedom and self exploration depth, but I think that applied to the 70s and 80s and not really now.' SOO true.

Hope ur fingers haven't gone on strike. lol

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nothing nice to say, mitch clem

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