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Top 50 Bands on lastfm

Saw this while looking up the Good Clean Funs page. The 50 bands Ive listened to most recently.

1. Brand New
Back in 2003 I worked at a Less Than Jake gig in Aberdeen, on the street team for one of the support bands Allister. A week later, the street team people (Traffic Marketing) sent me Brand New's first album, Your Favorite Weapon as a thank you. I mostly remember listening to it on repeat on a school trip to Manchester/Alton Towers. Seen them twice since, once at King Tuts and once at the Carling Academy. Was meant to meet Jesse Lacey, the lead singer, after the King Tuts gig, but had to get the train back to Edinburgh and he called me instead which was nice :)

2. Jawbreaker.
Pretty much my favourite band at the moment. I think I got into them late last year, but more intensely the past couple months. I heard about them through an online punk cartoon strip Nothing Nice To Say by Mitch Clem, where one of the characters is obsessed with them,

3. Alexisonfire.
I always loved the song "This Could Be Anywhere In The World" when they played it out in the Garage Attic. I never thought much about who it was by, until I asked someone. But then didnt investigate much else. Until my friend Stacey, who I know through the band Allister's message board, had a spare ticket and asked me to go to the gig with her. She sent me all their songs and the rest is history.

4. Dashboard Confessional.
I think it may have been Pete who told me about Dashboard. Either him or the book I mentioned earlier. I barely listen to them anymore, but when I did it was constant.

5. Fall Out Boy.
Again, a Pete band. We were in some music shop buying albums, and I had no idea who they were and never took any notice of it. I must have eventually clicked and as much as people slag them and their fans off, I still love them.

6. Saves The Day.
I think everyone knows the song "At Your Funeral" that was on a Kerrang album. It was that book that made me check out other albums.

7. Jimmy Eat World.
Summer 05, I was in Aberdeen and picked up the Bleed American album for Matthew. I remember it was playing while we sat out back with his family. 

8. The Bouncing Souls.
I cant remember how I got into these guys. Maybe they were listed as a similar artist on lastfm. Possibly Mitch Clem

9. Jacob Golden.
He was on tour with Frank Turner last year.

10. Cute Is What We Aim For
Pete! Made me a mix cd

11. Less Than Jake
from the gig in 03

11. [joint] Senses Fail
Old school Drive Thru band! Got a few Drive Thru samplers at the 03 gig

13. City and Colour.
Alexisonfire front man Dallas Green

14. Rancid
Punk-o-Rama mix cds, probably from 04

15. Blink 182
Liked them for as long as I can remember

16. Taking Back Sunday
on a free mix cd from Kerrang magazine. 04

17. Death Cab For Cutie
Ben Gibbard from from Postal Service, a la Pete

18. Biffy Clyro
rebecca/matthew/folk up north

19. Jonah Matranga
Frank Turner tour

20. The Academy Is...
I actually think this was one of my brothers mates who burnt him a copy

21. Bad Religion
punk-o-rama, David

22. Yellowcard
punk-o-rama, Priya

23. +44
Blink 182 and Pete

24. Gratitude
one of Jonah Matranga's bands

25. Bloc Party
nme and matthew

26. The Promise Ring
the book

27. Home Grown
Drive Thru Records sampler

28. The Postal Service

29. MC Lars
dont remember

30. Descendents.
Mitch Clem or similar artists on amazon/last fm

31. Idlewild
free sampler with the Guardian newspaper perhaps?

32. Husker Du
definately a Mitch Clem one. One strip the 2 guys are in a record shop, and talking about how one of them can remember all the lyrics so easily

33. Fightstar
possibly the nme

33 [joint] Weezer

35. Dustin Kensrue

36. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

37. Maximo Park

38. Big D and the Kids Table.
I ordered a shirt by Mitch Clem from Springman Records, who also sent some mix cds. Big D were on it.

39. Something Corporate
drive thru?

40. Against Me!
street team gig, 07

41. The Get Up Kids
the book

42. Lifetime
mitch clem, the book

43. Frank Turner
another Pete

44. [joint] The Movielife
drive thru

45. REM

46. The Spill Canvas

47. The Wombats
dj at work

48. The Used
ermmm cant remember..definately 04 though

49. Hellogoodbye
must have heard it on the radio and downloaded some songs

50. Rx Bandits.
another Drive Thru classic


nothing nice to say, mitch clem

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