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Optimo Espacio

What a fun couple of weeks its been! Without consulting my homework diary Im going to have trouble remembering what weve been up to, but I know its been a good time.

Priya and I got into our hillwalking, and went over to Inchcailloch Island in Loch Lomond. It was so nice. And we got the best meal afterwards at the pub in Balmaha, steak and chips then strawberries and cream for dessert. It was very well deserved. The most notable thing, however, was our new found ability to stomach mushrooms and tomatoes. We did it! That was a first for me, I never used to manage to eat them. Looks like our taste buds are developing!

Our next walking excursion was up Ben Arthur, also known as The Cobbler. It was just short of a munro, and jesus christ, the first bit was pretty hard. It was the steepest bit and 5 mins in we were all sweating buckets. I also managed to sit on a muddy rock which left me with a big mess on my rear for the rest of the day. Once we got to the top, the view was amazing. Theres this rock that you have to climb through, and its like you are standing ontop of the world. 

Three weeks ago we went to Optimo at the Subclub. It was amazing. Some incredibly bizarre band (Chrome Hoof) were playing first, and it felt like we were in some underground club in eastern europe as featured in XXX, the film. It was the first time I had been there, despite Scott asking every week to go. The music is totally different, I cant even descripe it, but just awesome. We went again last night as my last night out (possibly) unitl exams are over once more.

Ive had my dog, Hamish, stay with me the past week. Despite only getting an average of 3 hours a sleep every night with him being here, we had fun. Walking in the morning when the rest of the city is still asleep is so peaceful. The weather has been brilliant too, although Im getting a bit fed up of the heat. Its even worse while lugging stock around at work. Which I wont be doing for the next 2 weeks as Im taking time off for my exams. Operation 'pass them well' is beginning today! 

Go on holiday to Italy in 3 weeks (where has the summer disappeared to??), back for one; think I might work Connect Festival with the gang. Then away to Portugal, and then I'll be 21, ready for working freshers week and back to uni. 

Operation 'find a boyfriend' is not going to plan. I kissed yet another workmate, but that is so last week. Oh yeah and we had our staff night out last week! Totally forgot. That was fun too! We played laserquest and went out to Campus followed by the Garage. Well after laserquest the others did bowling and dinner but I had to get back to let Hamish out. 

It has been a rather gigless summer. Im going to see Henry Rollins at the Edinburgh Festival the night before we leave for Italy, and after that I have nothing planned until Less Than Jake (Aberdeen AND Glasgow) and Rancid in november. Ages away! 

Well thats my not terribly interest update. It has been a good summer so far.

Jul. 3rd, 2008

2nd July 08

Je suis sur le train. Just passed left Arbroath, a bit less than 2 hours more until we reach Glasgow.

It was a nice trip home. Was only there for less than 48hours – short and sweet as my mum said. Lisa had her boyfriend-for-summer with her, Ally. They are so cute together, all affectionate. Make a good couple. Made me think though, I would quite like a boyfriend.


But how does one meet new people?? I actually have no idea. My social context includes work, my close group of friends and thats about it. We used to always meet guys on our nights out, take them home then forget about then. That ended a while ago. The Garage (and every other club) is not the most reliable source.

In the 37mins or so remaining on my laptop battery, Im going to brainstorm ways of meeting new people and potential suitors.


1)      This is my favourite option, as it is less work for me and relies on my sister’s social networking, which is pretty on par. The plan is for her to find us men from the City once she moves down to London for her shiny new graduate job working for a PR company. Shes bound to meet plenty of eligible bachelors! I guess this is our fairy tale option, but not incredibly realistic.


2)      Join some kind of club. What are they called at uni? A society thats it. The Strathclyde list of societies is pretty dire, last time I checked. I once thought about starting a Biffy Clyro appreciation society. Will need to find out the latest list. I would also like to join one of the sports clubs – im thinking basketball or volleyball. Also may jump back into AIESEC so I can get some mentoring experience and all the rest for the old CV and next years prospective internships.


3)      Get a new job. This is something that needs to be done anyway. Im going to take a break from classrooms around the start of August, for resits, and then Im away on holiday for 2 weeks, with a week back here in between. And then uni starts not long after. I need a job thats over the weekend, or a day during the week that I don’t have uni on. Serving drunk unappreciative customers until 3am is getting old.


4)      Join some kind of club outwith uni. Something outdoorsy?


5)      Im running out of ideas.


6)      Start going to more gigs. Like local bands. Although  its pretty painful having to sit through a bands set if they suck.


7)      Check the List magazine. Priya and I were looking at one in a pub the other week, and its full of fun things to do. More social activities are needed, that don’t include firewater/spoons/garage/etc.


Hmm. This hasn’t been too successful.  


We joined a Hillwalking group! Found one on meetup.com, and our first excursion will take place on the 17th of July. We rspv'd as maybe. There is also another social outdoor group, but you need approval to join..so were putting that off lol.

Right so the list of uni clubs&societies that seem vaguely interesting;
- none


 smores - how much do they remind you of childhood??

I just practised my amazon abilities. They love me. I decided, that I wasnt going to buy anything by a band that I already own (not counting compilations etc). I am branching out.

Some girls say you can never have enough shoes, I say you can never have enough cds.

haha that reminds me, when I go shopping with Priya, and we look at bags...its eastpak/dickies/jansport bags that we look at. None of this handbag rubbish. God we are so not sosphiticated. Major flaw for operation find husband.

anyway, to be arriving at casa leanne within the next week or so:

- Millencolin - Pennybridge Pioneers
- Rites of Spring - s/t
- Minor Threat - complete discography
- Texas Is The Reason - Do You Know Who You Are?
- Cap'n Jazz - Analphabetapolothology
- Bad Brains - Banned in DC
and a book, American Hardcore - Steven Blush

as much as I wanted to buy the rest of the Bouncing Souls catalogue, I refrained. Sad times.
But yay for the postman finally visiting me again!!!

[I remembered to click the right address this time, so no deliveries to the farm land!!]


Its nae that ace.

It’s pretty much like any other city, only way bigger. And with ruder tourists. And quite grating local accents.


First thing we did when we got there, at 7am, was to look for a dingy cafe Eastenders style. After 15minutes of foot trooping, we gave up. And went to Cafe Nero. Nice cup of tea.

Hostel in King's Cross was much as you would imagine a hostel to be. Except they gave us breakfast in the morning, which was nice.

I love the Tube. I do not love the Tube's pricing system. I do appreciate the Oyster card concept, though.

I was like, ohmyfuckinggod I love Camden. Then I realised it was like all the stands at a festival, only with proper toilets (still manky as fuck though) and cash-machines that didn’t charge an extra £5.

Booze was pretty much the same as festival prices. £3.40 for a pint?? Fuck off!!!  Give me Glasgow’s £2.20 any day. And they don’t even bother ID’ing folk. Like even in a few of our regular watering holes we occasionally get ID’d (and I’m almost 21 now) but with Murray in tow and still 17, nada. Not even a curious glance.

Still, a near £4 pint definitely sent us in the direction of tipsy.

Less Than Jake was pretty spectacular. The support band was cool. LTJ are heroes for selling tshirts for a fiver, and hoodies for £15. With the current currency situation, they were pretty much giving the tshirts away.

Some guy sold us his zine, canna mind what it’s called but it’s in my bag somewhere. Me and Holly may start our own zine. At least it would be spelt correctly and 100% guaranteed to have a Jawbreaker reference in every issue. And Murr could jabber on about Less Than Jake every now and again.

Oh yeah, around lunch time me and Muz decided to go find Nambucca (a la Frank Turner). When we finally trekked all the way up Holloway Road, we found it to be still closed. A band was loading in. I just checked their myspace, and it opens at 1pm. According to my photos, we got there at 1.44pm. Maybe we just didn’t push the door hard enough. It looked pretty much closed anyway. Ah well. We went back to Camden and paid£15 for a lunch consisting of Strongbow and nachos. They skimped on the salsa and sour cream.


The megabus never stopped on the way down. Well it did, to let people on and change driver, but no stops at Marks & Spencer’s service station like my sister promised. On the way back though, was another story. We sat in Preston for far too long (what a shithole), and then outside Carlisle. Noted that an M&S Food store was across the motorway, so Murray and I properly ran across the bridge so we could be back before the bus left without us. Hail hail Percy Pigs!!


I think the next time I go to London, I may wish to fly down, stay in a hotel, and have a shitload of money with me. All I bought was a pair of anchor earrings from Camden (£5) and a LTJ hoody (£15). I spent a further £50 on food, drink and travel. I was only there for a full day and a half!! Bastards.


You know what; even the MILK in London tastes different. Fuck knows what they feed their cows, but the ones up north get grass and feed mix. And our milk in a green carton does not taste like warm water.


bring on summer 2009

This time next summer I should be getting ready to hopefully intern abroad


Living the expat life is the great ambition I share with Priya. So this summer we are going to work towards that goal. 

Step 1 - healthy body, healthy mind. 
Were gonna become gym bunnies and get fit over this summer. No hot sucessful expat business man wants a wife with wobbly bits. They want a wife who can sit by the pool, ordering drinks and tan all day. Yes.
Then when uni comes around again, our minds will be set to being productive and we should be better focused for studying.

Step 2 - 3rd year at uni, work hard, play hard :D (not overdoing on the play though, gotta keep with the gym body!!)

Step 3 - find an internship abroad! Id love one in Cairo, Middle East, Africa, Italy, Spain or even the US. I know, technically not foreign, but beggars cant be choosers. Could be of any description - degree relevant or teaching english or anything at all really

Step 4 - become a social butterfly and network! Line up a graduate job connections, meet people and hot men ;)

Step 5 - 4th year at uni! Final year! Lots of hard work

Step 6 - summer 2010
Hopefully have graduate job abroad lined up, or a pimp daddy


I have a killer cold, sore throat and sore ears. Im exhausted, I was awake ALL NIGHT sweating a fever and finally dosed off at 8am when my alarm went off for me to call the doctors. Never did though, I slept for 2 hours instead. I might do tomorrow.


This is not good, I have 2 exams next week to study for and even taking a shower I wanted to collapse.



Convert to Leannism

1. Thou shalt drink alcoholic substances on a daily basis

2. Thou shalt devote thy life to bands of worthy recognition

3. Thou shalt use The Gay Rage as thy hunting ground for sexual partners.

4. Thou shalt choose thy sexual partners by their band tshirt.

5. When frequenting a takeaway outlet after being out all night, thou shall believe yourself to be fluent in every language, particulary Arabic, and converse with the server by repeating the same set of words over and over again.

6. Thou shall never underestimate the power of sleep. A sufficient nights sleep can consist of 2 hours. An extra 40 winks can be obtained later in the pub while your mate is at the bar getting the drinks in.

7. Thou shall become a professional burgler and vandal while under the influence. Nothing can get in your way.

Top 50 Bands on lastfm

Saw this while looking up the Good Clean Funs page. The 50 bands Ive listened to most recently.

1. Brand New
Back in 2003 I worked at a Less Than Jake gig in Aberdeen, on the street team for one of the support bands Allister. A week later, the street team people (Traffic Marketing) sent me Brand New's first album, Your Favorite Weapon as a thank you. I mostly remember listening to it on repeat on a school trip to Manchester/Alton Towers. Seen them twice since, once at King Tuts and once at the Carling Academy. Was meant to meet Jesse Lacey, the lead singer, after the King Tuts gig, but had to get the train back to Edinburgh and he called me instead which was nice :)

2. Jawbreaker.
Pretty much my favourite band at the moment. I think I got into them late last year, but more intensely the past couple months. I heard about them through an online punk cartoon strip Nothing Nice To Say by Mitch Clem, where one of the characters is obsessed with them,

3. Alexisonfire.
I always loved the song "This Could Be Anywhere In The World" when they played it out in the Garage Attic. I never thought much about who it was by, until I asked someone. But then didnt investigate much else. Until my friend Stacey, who I know through the band Allister's message board, had a spare ticket and asked me to go to the gig with her. She sent me all their songs and the rest is history.

4. Dashboard Confessional.
I think it may have been Pete who told me about Dashboard. Either him or the book I mentioned earlier. I barely listen to them anymore, but when I did it was constant.

5. Fall Out Boy.
Again, a Pete band. We were in some music shop buying albums, and I had no idea who they were and never took any notice of it. I must have eventually clicked and as much as people slag them and their fans off, I still love them.

6. Saves The Day.
I think everyone knows the song "At Your Funeral" that was on a Kerrang album. It was that book that made me check out other albums.

7. Jimmy Eat World.
Summer 05, I was in Aberdeen and picked up the Bleed American album for Matthew. I remember it was playing while we sat out back with his family. 

8. The Bouncing Souls.
I cant remember how I got into these guys. Maybe they were listed as a similar artist on lastfm. Possibly Mitch Clem

9. Jacob Golden.
He was on tour with Frank Turner last year.

10. Cute Is What We Aim For
Pete! Made me a mix cd

11. Less Than Jake
from the gig in 03

11. [joint] Senses Fail
Old school Drive Thru band! Got a few Drive Thru samplers at the 03 gig

13. City and Colour.
Alexisonfire front man Dallas Green

14. Rancid
Punk-o-Rama mix cds, probably from 04

15. Blink 182
Liked them for as long as I can remember

16. Taking Back Sunday
on a free mix cd from Kerrang magazine. 04

17. Death Cab For Cutie
Ben Gibbard from from Postal Service, a la Pete

18. Biffy Clyro
rebecca/matthew/folk up north

19. Jonah Matranga
Frank Turner tour

20. The Academy Is...
I actually think this was one of my brothers mates who burnt him a copy

21. Bad Religion
punk-o-rama, David

22. Yellowcard
punk-o-rama, Priya

23. +44
Blink 182 and Pete

24. Gratitude
one of Jonah Matranga's bands

25. Bloc Party
nme and matthew

26. The Promise Ring
the book

27. Home Grown
Drive Thru Records sampler

28. The Postal Service

29. MC Lars
dont remember

30. Descendents.
Mitch Clem or similar artists on amazon/last fm

31. Idlewild
free sampler with the Guardian newspaper perhaps?

32. Husker Du
definately a Mitch Clem one. One strip the 2 guys are in a record shop, and talking about how one of them can remember all the lyrics so easily

33. Fightstar
possibly the nme

33 [joint] Weezer

35. Dustin Kensrue

36. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

37. Maximo Park

38. Big D and the Kids Table.
I ordered a shirt by Mitch Clem from Springman Records, who also sent some mix cds. Big D were on it.

39. Something Corporate
drive thru?

40. Against Me!
street team gig, 07

41. The Get Up Kids
the book

42. Lifetime
mitch clem, the book

43. Frank Turner
another Pete

44. [joint] The Movielife
drive thru

45. REM

46. The Spill Canvas

47. The Wombats
dj at work

48. The Used
ermmm cant remember..definately 04 though

49. Hellogoodbye
must have heard it on the radio and downloaded some songs

50. Rx Bandits.
another Drive Thru classic

this just made my day

Im a top listener of Jawbreaker on lastfm


page 8


other than that, day has been reasonably poor
my run was good though. it begin to rain which was refreshing

I sometimes feel a bit pathetic, going running on a friday night at half 9. While everyone else is at the pub. Its like, get a freaking life leanne, or atleast run more than 2 and a bit miles at a time. Make it worth it! But alas no

ah well


nothing nice to say, mitch clem

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